Type SR Smoothwound Resistors

Application Information: Powerohm's Type SR & SXR Smoothwound Resistors are most commonly used for light-duty braking of variable frequency drives, small horsepower motor control, space heaters and any low wattage, high resistance load application.

Construction: Low temperature coefficient wire alloy wound on a high quality porcelain core complete with stainless steel terminals and a ceramic coating.

Voltage Rating: 600 VAC

Resistance Tolerance: +/- 10%

Dimensional Information (Inches)
Size 3 4 5 6 7 8 10
A 3 4 5.5 6.5 7.5 8.5 10.5
Electrical Ratings
  Size 3 Size 4 Size 5 Size 6 Size 7 Size 8 Size 10
Watts 75 125 200 250 300 350 450
Ohms Part Number Part Number Part Number Part Number Part Number Part Number Part Number
2 SR3-2 SR4-2
3 SR3-3 SR4-3 SR5-3 SR6-3 SR7-3 SR8-3
4 SR3-4 SR4-4 SR5-4 SR6-4 SR7-4 SR8-4 SR10-4
5 SR3-5 SR4-5 SR5-5 SR6-5 SR7-5 SR8-5 SR10-5
10 SR3-10 SR4-10 SR5-10 SR6-10 SR7-10 SR8-10 SR10-10
15 SR3-15 SR4-15 SR5-15 SR6-15 SR7-15 SR8-15 SR10-15
20 SR3-20 SR4-20 SR5-20 SR6-20 SR7-20 SR8-20 SR10-20
25 SR3-25 SR4-25 SR5-25 SR6-25 SR7-25 SR8-25 SR10-25
50 SR3-50 SR4-50 SR5-50 SR6-50 SR7-50 SR8-50 SR10-50
75 SR3-75 SR4-75 SR5-75 SR6-75 SR7-75 SR8-75 SR10-75
100 SR3-100 SR4-100 SR5-100 SR6-100 SR7-100 SR8-100 SR10-100
125 SR3-125 SR4-125 SR5-125 SR6-125 SR7-125 SR8-125 SR10-125
150 SR3-150 SR4-150 SR5-150 SR6-150 SR7-150 SR8-150 SR10-150
200 SR3-200 SR4-200 SR5-200 SR6-200 SR7-200 SR8-200 SR10-200
250 SR3-250 SR4-250 SR5-250 SR6-250 SR7-250 SR8-250 SR10-250
500 SR3-500 SR4-500 SR5-500 SR6-500 SR7-500 SR8-500 SR10-500
750 SR3-750 SR4-750 SR5-750 SR6-750 SR7-750 SR8-750 SR10-750
800 SR3-800 SR4-800 SR5-800 SR6-800 SR7-800 SR8-800 SR10-800
1000 SR3-1000 SR4-1000 SR5-1000 SR6-1000 SR7-1000 SR8-1000 SR10-1000
1500 SR3-1500 SR4-1500 SR5-1500 SR6-1500 SR7-1500 SR8-1500 SR10-1500
2000 SR4-2000 SR5-2000 SR6-2000 SR7-2000 SR8-2000 SR10-2000
2500 SR4-2500 SR5-2500 SR6-2500 SR7-2500 SR8-2500 SR10-2500
3000 SR5-3000 SR6-3000 SR7-3000 SR8-3000 SR10-3000
3500 SR5-3500 SR6-3500 SR7-3500 SR8-3500 SR10-3500
4000 SR5-4000 SR6-4000 SR7-4000 SR8-4000 SR10-4000
5000 SR5-5000 SR6-5000 SR7-5000 SR8-5000 SR10-5000
6000 SR10-6000
7000 SR10-7000
7500 SR10-7500

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