Braking Modules LG Series

Manual: Braking Module LG-08-10

The Powerohm LG Series Braking Module offers an economical and compact solution with surprisingly high current ratings reaching up to 300 amps. The standard features of this design include external or internal brake enable, under voltage detection of logic supply, heatsink overtemperature protection and master/slave capability.

Our braking modules can be used in conjunction with any AC drive to monitor the DC bus of the drive and activate external braking resistor as needed not only to avoid over-voltage trips, but to greatly improve the performance of the drive system. The use of Braking Modules and resistors increase the braking torque capability of a variable frequency drive, allowing faster and more controlled deceleration times.

If it is necessary to increase the horsepower requirements beyond the capability of a single braking module, the modules are all Master/Slave programmable. This allows an arrangement of multiple Modules to effectively function as a single higher rated module.

Application Information: AC variable frequency drives are commonly used with general purpose AC induction motors to form reliable variable speed drive systems. Problems with these drive systems can occur when an application requires a deceleration rate faster than what can be managed by the drive alone, or when motor speeds exceed the synchronous speed set by the output frequency of the drive (which is called an overhauling load condition). Both of these conditions create regenerated power which flows from the motor back into the drive, causing its DC Bus to rise. To manage the regenerated power and avoid shutting the drive down due to an over-voltage trip, this power must be dissipated by an external braking resistor. Braking Modules are used in conjunction with an AC drive to monitor the DC bus of the drive and activate external braking resistor as needed.

Standard Part Numbers
Part NumberLine VoltageTurn On VoltageCont CurrentPeak CurrentMin Ohms
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